National Association of EMS Physicians.®
​2018 Call for Award Nominations

Click here to review the criteria and submit a nomination for one of the following awards, to be presented at ​the 2018 NAEMSP Annual Meeting in San Diego.
  • R​onald D. Stewart AwardThis award is given annually to a person who has made a lasting, major contribution to the national EMS community. 
  • Keith Neely Outstanding Contribution to EMS AwardThis award is presented to an active or past member of NAEMSP who has provided significant leadership to the association and is named after the late Keith Neely, the first non-physician member to serve on the NAEMSP Board of Directors.
  • Friends of EMS AwardThe Friends of EMS award is presented to an individual or organization that has been an advocate in furthering NAEMSP’s mission through influencing or implementing national public policy.  This year’s recipient was recognized for dedication and efforts to NAEMSP and the EMS community.​


2017 Award Winners


NAEMSP® recognized the following individua​ls at our awards luncheon in New Orleans in January 2017:  

Ronald D. Stewart Award
Robert A. Swor, DO

Dr. Swor received this recognition because of his tremendous effect on the growth and development of EMS as the out-of-hospital system of care that it is today. He was a charter member of the association and has served it in numerous important capacities including President of the association in 1996-97.  He is a consumm​ate educator of EMS physicians and other providers having been Director of the NAEMSP’s premiere education course, the NAEMSP® National EMS Medical Directors Course and Practicum® for nearly a decade.  He has truly served EMS and has been an outstanding role model for EMS physicians and professionals.


Keith Neely Outstanding Contribution to EMS Award 

Thomas Judge, MS, EMT-P

Tom Judge has been a long-time member of NAEMSP.  He has served on the faculty of the NAEMSP® National EMS Medical Directors Course and Practicum for 18 years. He’s served in several capacities over the years and recently led the Public Health committee. We are extremely thankful for the leadership he’s shown to the profession.

Friends of EMS Award
Honorable Richard Hudson, US House of Representatives (NC)
Honorable Senator ​Bill Cassidy (LA)

The award was presented to Rachel Perez from Honorable Bill Cassidy's office.  These individuals have been instrumental political leaders advocating for change in EMS protocol. They interfaced with our advocacy committee and our advocacy partner, Holland and Knight, to work in Congress to introduce HR 4365 and S 2932 and to ensure the recent passage of HR 304. They have been valued partners to NAEMSP® in furthering our mission of providing leadership and fostering excellence in the subspecialty of EMS Medicine. 


Presidents Award

AWARD Phil Moy.jpgHawnwan Phil Moy, MD

Dr. Moy has put ​NAEMSP® on the social media map. First, through creating our podcasts and then by drawing other creative and passionate EMS physicians and professionals to form a team committed to providing EMS education and awareness through podcasts, blogs, tweeting, and other avenues, this recipient is making a big impact on our specialty and our organization.

J. Joelle Donofrio, DO

Dr. Donofrio has given freely of her time, her energy, and her passion for EMS to travel to far flung places of the world on her own dime to teach our international EMS medical director’s course. She embraces the mission of spreading EMS medical direction and EMS systems of care to places that are just beginning to develop their prehospital systems of care.

AWARD Lyng.jpgJohn Lyng, MD, FAEMS, NREMT-P

Dr. Lyng has brought order and flow to our standards and practice process. He has standardized our process and brought forth a remarkable number of position statements, resource documents, and policies in the past two years. He is creating the foundation and underpinnings of our specialty. It is hard work but he has done it with grace.

Gigsy; NAEMSP Conference; Day 4 (72 of 97).jpgBrian Clemency, DO, MBA, FAEMS

Dr. Clemency recog​nized the need for an in-service exam and a question bank for our graduating fellows and our physicians sitting for board certification. He stepped in and filled a void. His work has served hundreds of our fellows EMS physicians and continued to meet the needs of our future practitioners.​​



2017 Abstract Award Winners


Best Scientific Presentation

Evaluation of Prehospital Hypoxia “Depth-Duration Dose” and Mortality in Major Traumatic Brain Injury

Dr. Daniel Spaite; Chengcheng Hu; Bentley Bobrow; Vatsal Chikani; Joshua Gaither; Bruce Barnhart; P. David Adelson; Amber Rice; Kylie Grady; Kurt Denninghoff; Samuel Keim; Chad Viscusi; Terry Mullins; Duane Sherrill, Arizona Emergency Medicine Research Center, University of Arizona


Best Student/Resident/Fellow Research Presentation

Safety Events in High Risk Prehospital Neonatal Calls: A Retrospective Chart Review 

Rebecca Duby; Matt Hansen; Garth Meckler; Barbara Skarica; William Lambert; Jeanne-Marie Guise, Department of Emergency Medicine, Oregon Health & Science University



Best EMS Professional Research Presentation

The Impact of Burnout on the EMS Workforce

Remle Crowe; Julie Bower; Rebecca Cash; Ashish Panchal; Severo Rodriguez (pictured); Susan Olivo-Marston, The National Registry of EMTs   



Best Poster Abstract Presentation

Preliminary and Potential Impacts of a Partnership Between EMS and Health and Human Services on Call Volumes Generated by EMS “Super-Users”

Jamie Baltrotsky; Alan Butsch, BS, NRP; Ashley Robinson, MA, NRP; Robert Lindsey, M.Ed, NRP; Roger Stone, M.D. (pictured), M.S.; Barry Reid, Montgomery County Fire Rescue Service   


Best Cardiac Arrest Presentation

 Sponsored by ZOLL 


Advanced vs. Basic Life Support in the Treatment of Out-of-Hospital Cardiopulmonary Arrest in the Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium

Michael Kurz; Robert Schmicker; Brian Leroux; Graham Nichol; Thomas Aufderheide; Sheldon Cheeks; Brian Grunau; Jamie Jasti; Paul Kudenchuk; Gary Vile; Jason Buick; Lauren Wittwer; Ritu Sahni; Ashley Brienza; Ronald Straight; Henry Wang, University of Alabama at Birmingham


Best Disaster Presentation 

Sponsored by National Disaster Life Support Foundation 

SALT Triage Training for School Personnel

Daniel Celik; Francis Mencl; Scott Wilber; Jennifer Frey; Lisa Kurland; Michel Debacker, Summa Health System, Akron, Ohio


Best Pediatric Presentation 


Predicting Survival After Pediatric Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest

Ian Drennan; Kevin Thorpe; Sheldon Cheskes; Muhammad Mamdani; Damon Scales; Anne Marie Guerguerian; Laurie Morrison, Rescu, Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute, St. Michael's Hospital; University of Toronto



History of Award Winners


President's Award Winners
Hawnwan Phil Moy -- 2017
J. Joelle Donofrio -- 2017
John Lyng -- 2017
Brian Clemency -- 2017​
Jose Cabanas --2016
Darren Walter -- 2016
Julie Houle -- 2016

Ronald D. Stewart Award Winners
Robert A. Swor -- 2017
Drew Dawson -- 2016
Justin Maloney -- 2016
Robert O'Connor, MD -- 2015
Norman M. Dinerman, MD -- 2014
Jeff Clawson, MD -- 2013
William Brown, RN, NREMT-P -- 2012
Debra Perina, MD -- 2011
Daniel Spaite, MD -- 2010
William W. Jermyn, DO -- 2009
Roger White, MD -- 2008
Edward J. Cain, MD -- 2007
Mickey Eisenberg, MD -- 2006
Dan Storer -- 2005
James O. Page, JD -- 2004
Jon Krohmer, MD -- 2003
Michael Copass, MD -- 2002
Leonard Cobb -- 2002
Norm McSwain, MD-- 2001
John Campbell, MD -- 2001
Bob Bailey -- 2000
Eugene Nagel, MD -- 1998
Ricardo Martinez, MD -- 1997
Nicholas Benson, MD -- 1996
John Chew -- 1995
National Association of State EMS Directors -- 1994
Paul Paris, MD -- 1993
Stan Zydlow, MD -- 1992
National EMS Medical Directors Course Faculty -- 1991
Paul Pepe, MD -- 1990
Marvin Birnbaum, MD -- 1989
Senator Alan Cranston -- 1988
Leonard A. Cobb, MD -- 1987

Keith Neely Outstanding Contribution to EMS Award Winners

Thomas Judge, MS, EMT-P -- 2017 
 Alex Isakov, MD -- 2016
Marcus Ong, MD, MPH and Sang Do Shin, MD -- 2015
Michael Levy, MD -- 2014
E. Brooke Lerner, PhD -- 2013
James Menegazzi, PhD -- 2012
Brian Schwartz, MD -- 2011
Robert E. O’Connor, MD, MPH -- 2009
Beth Adams, MA, RN, NREMT-P -- 2008
Julette Saussy, MD -- 2007
David Persse, MD-- 2007
Lawrence Brown, EMT-P -- 2006
Raymond Fowler, MD -- 2005
Richard Hunt, MD -- 2004
Robert A. Swor, DO -- 2002

Keith Neely -- 2001 -- this award was originally called the NAEMSP Outstanding Contribution Award -- the name changed in 2002 honoring Keith after his death.

Friends of EMS Award Winners

Honorable Richard Hudson, US House of Representatives (NC) -- 2017
Honorable Bill Cassidy, US Senate (LA) -- 2017 
NAEMT -- 2016
Bryan McNally, CARES -- 2015
Physio-Control -- 2014
Kevin McGinnis, NASEMSO -- 2013
Richard Hunt, MD -Centers for Disease Control -- 2012
Gary Freeman - ZOLL -- 2011
William Ball - GM OnStar -- 2010
Susan McHenry, MS – NHTSA -- 2009
Dan Kavanaugh, MSW - EMSC -- 2008
Richard H. Carmona, MD -- 2007
The Laerdal Family -- 2005
Jeff Runge -- 2004
Drew Dawson - NHTSA -- 2003
Jeff Michael, PhD - NHTSA -- 2002
U.S. Senator Richard Shelby -- 2001