National Association of EMS Physicians.®
 Jane Brice, MD, MPH 
Friends, if you were not at the 2015 Annual Meeting, you missed one of the best educational and networking opportunities in many years. We broke all attendance records with over 900 registered members. Just five years ago, our attendance was 580. Our specialty and our organization is growing by leaps and bounds. The meeting was in a new venue this year – NEW ORLEANS! We had to move to a new city and a new hotel to hold our bustling meeting. 

The educational sessions were provided by renowned speakers such as General Honoré who spoke eloquently about his experiences as commander of Joint Task Force Katrina responsible for coordinating military relief efforts for Hurricane Katrina-affected areas across the Gulf Coast. General Honoré also cautioned us to stay vigilant in our preparedness efforts especially in light of recent infectious disease threats. Michael Sayre brought us insight into the 2015 AHA guidelines soon to be released. Dan Spaite talked about cutting edge research about traumatic brain injury. It was a meeting not to be missed. Many thanks to each of you who attended, to each of the speakers, and to Jon Rittenberger, our program chair who pulled it all together. 
Here in the very first month of my presidency of NAEMSP, I want to share with you my philosophy and direction for the next two years - “Reach Inward, Extend Outward”. 
EMS Medicine is established as a subspecialty. We have board certified EMS physicians – nearly 400 of them. What a joyous beginning!! But now the real work begins to move our specialty forward. 
We need to work diligently on two fronts to advance our specialty. First, we need to reach inward to our members and fellow EMS physicians. We must develop from our ranks the leaders of the future. We have been led by great visionaries – Ron Stewart, Paul Paris, Bob Swor, Bob O’Conner, David Cone, Ted Delbridge, Ritu Sahni and the list goes on…… But the leaders of tomorrow are among us looking for mentorship, guidance, and an opportunity. My goal is to reach inward to develop leadership and create opportunities for our members and EMS physicians to step forward, take initiative, and be mentored. The work of our organization is NOT done at the Board level. It has always been done at the Committee level. This is where you can begin to make a difference and where I will look to provide leadership opportunities. Please consider joining a committee and making a difference. 
We must also extend outward to partner with other leadership organizations. Ritu Sahni, our immediate past president, was extremely effective in this endeavor and I will continue this work as it is crucial to the advancement of our specialty. We must engage our federal partners to create pathways for EMS physician reimbursement. We have and will continue to collaborate with other organizations such as NASEMSO, NAEMT, NREMT, NAEMSE, NEMSMA, and ACEP to create policy and strategy. We must develop educational content and outreach mechanisms to reach the EMS physician who are not members of our organization. Ritu Sahni and Ron Pirrallo before him were masterful at beginning this work and it is my goal to further these networks and partnerships to benefit our specialty. 
We want you to be part of this exciting work. Don’t miss NAEMSP 2016. We will again be at a new venue and new city – the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego. January 14-16 – put it on your calendar NOW. And in the meantime, we would love to have your involvement in the work of the organization through our committees. Please join us as we move the specialty of EMS forward. 
-- Jane Brice