Appendix B

Additional Resources for Medical Response to Terrorism Preparedness and Planning

USAMRIID’s Medical Management of Biological Casualties Handbook U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infections Diseases Fort Detrick Frederick, Md. 4th Edition February 2001

Cummings, B. Cone, David.  Hospital Disaster Staffing: If You Call Will They Come? PreHospital Emergency Care.  March 2003.

USAMRICD’s Medical Management of Chemical Casualties Handbook 3rd Edition July 2000 Chemical Casualty Care Division USAMRICD MCMR-UV-ZM Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md. United States Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense.

Weapons of Mass Destruction Events with Contaminated Casualties, Effective Planning for Healthcare Facilities.”  McIntyre, Tony JAMA  2000.  “The Healthcare Facility Preparation for Mass Destruction”  Bradley, Rich

Evaluation of Hospital Disaster Drills:  A Module-Based Approach  CD ROM  AHRQ Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Advancing Excellence in HealthCare  AHRQ Publication No 04-0032-CD  April 2004

The Decontamination of Children:  Preparedness and Response for Hospital Emergency Departments Shannon, Michael M.D. M.P.H Children’s Hospital Boston
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality AHRQ Pub. No. 05-MO14 Dec. 2004

Bioterrorism and Other Public Health Emergencies  Altered Standards of Care in Mass Casualty Events
April 2005  Health Systems Research Inc
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality  Rockville, Md  AHRQ Publication No.05-0043

Bioterrorism and Other Public Health Emergencies  Tools and Models for Planning and Preparedness Community –Based Mass Prophylaxis: A Planning Guide for Public Health Preparedness  Hupert, Nathaniel M.D. M.P.H, Cuomo, Jason M.P.H. Callahan, Mark M.D. Mushlin, Alvin M.D., Sc.M.
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality  Rockville, Md AHRQ Pub No 04-0044
April 2004

Hospital Emergency Management of WMD Terrorist Incidents
United States Department of Homeland Security Office of Domestic Preparedness
Emergency Medical Training and Preparedness Division  August 2004

Buck, George Preparing for Terrorism An Emergency Services Guide
Delmar  Thomas Learning   Canada  2002.

Rapid Assessment of Injuries Among Survivors of the Terrorist Attack on the World Trade Center-New York City, Sept 2001
MMWR 2002; 51:1-5
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
JAMA February 20, 2002 Vol. 287 No. 7, 835-838.

Barbera, J. MD; Macintyre, Anthony, MD et al Large-Scale Quarantine Following Biological Terrorism in the United States JAMA.2001;286: 2711-2717



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