Final Issues - Summary

The following slides will summarize some of the salient take home messages of the various areas of response to a terrorist incident in this program.

Ensure that EMS is integrated into the community response plan and is part of the incident command structure.
Depending on the plan and the role for healthcare provision on the scene, ensure appropriate PPE training and treatment algorithms are in place and practiced frequently.
Evaluate the communication structure. Ensure that field to hospital notification procedures are in place and that there is a plan for redundancy.
Ensure that mutual aid resources are integrated into the system.
a. Incident Command/Management System utilized
b. Routine 9-1-1 call handling


Ensure that healthcare facilities become integrated into the community planning processes.
Review the community response plan to ensure that all healthcare facilities are included.
Review and update the hospital disaster response plan to ensure that plans are put in place for a mass casualty contaminated incident involving ambulatory and nonambulatory patients. Ensure that all hospital departments are involved in the plan.
Evaluate the existing physical structure to ensure that mass contaminated casualties can be safely and expeditiously addressed. Develop mutual aid agreements to assist when required.
Ensure that all front-line hospital physicians, nurses, and technicians are appropriately trained in PPE and that plans for continuing education and exercises are conducted frequently.
Ensure that hospital staff recognize clinical signs and symptoms of patients exposed to nuclear, biological, or chemical agents.


Public Health
1. Include updated contact information of public health department officials and participate in the disease reporting process.
Development of active surveillance programs will assist in recognizing when occult incidents have taken place.
Develop plans for mass patient care:
a. Immunization
b. Sheltering
c. Quarantining
Ensure that communities are prepared to request and handle the additional requested State or Federal resources, including the National Pharmaceutical Stockpile.

While this program is not meant to cover the breadth and scope of knowledge it is hoped to begin a solid awareness of the unique aspects and decision-making which may need to be called upon in a terrorist incident requiring a emergency medical response.

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