Introduction - Purpose

The purpose of this course is to assist the Emergency Medical Services medical director in understanding some of the prehospital and community requirements and needs in the medical response to terrorism. This program will augment existing programs to assist organizations and agencies to understand and develop an appreciation of the important aspects associated with any incident involving a weapon of mass destruction including chemical, biological, radiation, nuclear or explosive (CBRNE) devices.

While the awareness of the risk and threat of a terrorist event has increased since September 11, 2001 this program serves to develop a basic awareness with an emphasis on the response required for healthcare providers should a similar event occur in the future.

Specific information regarding the individual agent's characteristics is available in many books and courses, particularly since 9/11 and will not be the focus of this module.  Web site internet addresses (“Hot links” which are indicated by blue underlined text) and references are included for ease of access to additional information.

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