Medical Care - Hospital Care

Facility Preparation

Once a mass casualty/terrorist incident has been ascertained and initial notification has occurred the first objective is to prepare the facility receiving area for incoming patients.

First objective is to prepare the receiving area
Activate the hospital disaster plan
Appoint charge personnel (Nurse)
Clear the ED of visitors, admitted patients, and those waiting discharge and notify patients waiting to be seen of likely delays for care.
Establish and notify satellite/alternative medical care areas or sites.
Ensure equipment and supplies are abundant
Notify off-duty personnel (call-backs)

Controlling the entry into the hospital to one secured area with appropriate signage in necessary languages will allow for decontamination of incoming patients who may self-triage and arrive by themselves and will preserve the facility from becoming continuity of operations. Security or otherwise trained personnel will be needed to control incoming and outgoing flow of patients and personnel. Local law enforcement or hospital security staff may be occupied with other security matters and unavailable necessitating contingency planning such as the use of maintenance employees or others for this role.

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