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Facility Preparation cont.

Notification and preparation of hospital administration will facilitate activation of the appropriate hospital incident command structure and activation of the hospital disaster plan. This action begins the incident management system and allows for authority, delegation, and accountability and lines of communication and notification within the hospital system.

Second objective is to prepare administration
Ensure that the hospital disaster plan has been activated
Activate hospital incident command structure
Attempt to get physicians to discharge appropriate patients and/or move less critical patients from the critical care units
Environmental Services / Housekeeping to rapidly clean patient rooms
Elective surgeries cancelled
Notify off-duty personnel (call-backs)
Ensure notification of supporting departments:
Materials Management
Facilities Management
Food Services
Pastoral Care and Social Services

Additional departments may be unique to each facility and disaster plan. Currently a new version Hospital Incident Command System (HICS) is being developed and is the next generation of the previous Hospital Emergency Incident Command System III (HEICS 111) developed in San Mateo County, California. This organization system is modeled from ICS and is also a modular and adaptable system to allow for size and scope of a disaster and provides a structure with authority and accountability as well as roles and clear lines of communication. Specific job descriptions (job action sheets) assist in each role's function and responsibilities.

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