Medical Care - Hospital Care

Facility Preparation cont.

Entry control points with appropriately PPE garbed triage personnel and security can assist in the initial evaluation and need for decontamination, triage and registration/tracking of incoming ambulatory patients.

Non-ambulatory patients will likely need to use ambulance bay entrances that are gurney/wheelchair accessible and higher levels of care if exposure/trauma has caused their inability to ambulate. Expediting patient unloading from ambulances and into triage areas for decontamination and triage will more rapidly release EMS personnel to return to the scene and avoid further exposures in the Emergency Department.

Providing for the needs of multiple casualties may require additional equipment or supplies including respiratory care, mobility care (wheelchairs etc) age related such as infant,or geriatric care and language or signage capabilities using universal directive pictures. Comfort or sheltering measures including food and water and bedding may be necessary.

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