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Patient Flow

Rapid patient flow will depend on capability of triage and processing quickly of multiple presenting ambulatory and non-ambulatory patients. Brief histories, vital signs, utilization of a rapid triage method and identification via a registration or tracking number can be assisted with preplanned disaster packets and tag systems including separate clothing and valuables bags for accountability and evidence collection or returning to patient if appropriate. Existing multiple accountability tag systems common to the hospital environment are those used for labor and delivery, or those with blood bank allowing for the unique identification of clothes and valuables.

Directing ambulatory patient flow into the decontamination shower area may require specific instructions and guidance on how to disrobe, proceed, and scrub. Signs inside showers may assist in instructing patients on the various steps however, language barriers, sensory deficits (existing or from the exposure) and incident stressors may affect normal patient functioning. Preparing and providing for re-clothing through disposable garments or hospital attire and reevaluation of post-decontamination monitoring will be important in creating a comfortable environment and ultimately patient flow through the decontamination process.

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