Medical Care - PreHospital Triage

Triage and treatment in the hot zone should be limited to rudimentary airway management (opening) and then evacuation to a lesser level of exposure. Antidote administration should be considered and given early with agents such as cyanide if available. All other medical treatment should be deferred until gross decontamination is performed. Secondary (repeated) triage can be considered and occur after decontamination and progress through the various zones. This involves equipping and training the provider/s involved in the appropriate level of personal protective equipment (i.e. Level A etc) for the agent or risk/threat determined. While ALS skills and procedures will likely not frequently occur in the hot zone, depending on the size and scope of the incident and number of casualties, the advanced level provider can assist with knowledge and judgment of potential or impending respiratory compromise and hemorrhage control or antidote administration which may be life saving (i.e. Mark 1 kits for Chemical exposure).


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