Response Preparation - Mutual Aid

Mutual aid support and response is an important item to include in preplanning. The fire service and law enforcement communities are accustomed in working in this method of multi agency and jurisdictional assistance, but other types of agencies may not have these same interagency experiences. Specific mutual aid cooperative agreements will assist in delineating who, when, and how additional resources are utilized and requested. Inclusion of financial compensation or reimbursement of lost or damaged equipment may be necessary in these agreements.

The well meaning and intentioned volunteer personnel in a disaster response are also an important area to address in a disaster plan. Pre-incident credentialing or verification of capability and authenticity of roles, certifications and capabilities may assist in utilizing these responders to fill vacancies or assist local scene or hospital personnel. Asking the volunteer to assist in filling vacancies in local responders who are otherwise engaged on scene or at the hospital. Other recent natural disaster incidents have included buddy systems where volunteers are paired with local known and trained providers. Whatever method is chosen it is important to address the volunteer who will invariably respond to the scene or hospital and want to assist. Planned vetting, verification and accountability and pre-staged areas for these personnel will assist at the time and urgency of a WMD event. Imposters are not infrequent in these types of events and security of the facilities and healthcare and emergency personnel should be considered.

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