Response Preparation - Sheltering and Morgue Facilities

Sheltering and morgue facilities. Consideration of local shelters and locations may be necessary. These will be dependent on the type of event and number of individuals requiring shelter. Ongoing concerns for food, water and hygiene will need to be addressed as well as security of those housed in these shelters. School facilities including gyms and kitchens may be amenable to these sheltering requirements. Convention centers and large sporting arenas also may house large numbers of people as was seen during hurricane Katrina and Rita during the Fall 2005 hurricane season. These mass housing shelters also illustrated the need to address security concerns, water, food and healthcare needs of those who evacuate their homes to these shelters.

Morgue facilities or capability may be necessary if large numbers of fatalities are anticipated or occur. Refrigerated trucks or warehouses have been utilized in the past to meet this need. Identification and tracking of the deceased is important for investigation as well as family concerns.

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