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The National Association of EMS Physicians is an organization of physicians and other professionals partnering to provide leadership and foster excellence in the subspecialty of EMS medicine.

The majority of our physician members provide medical direction for an EMS pre-hospital system, and are key decision makers for the products and protocols used in the system. NAEMSP® promotes meetings, publications and products that connect, serve and educate our members.  In addition, the Association acts as a resource and advocate of EMS related decisions in cooperation with organizations throughout the country, including agencies of the Federal Government.


  • Approx. 1,900 (54% of our members are Medical Directors)
  • 63% Physicians
  • 26% Professional
  • 5% Residents
  • 3% Fellows
  • 2% Students
  • 1% International


NAEMSP® Website
With an average of approximately 200 visits per day, the NAEMSP® website offers:
  • Home Page – the opportunity to place a Display Ad (potentially scrolls if multiple advertisers)
  • Job Postings Page – where Classified/Job Ads can be placed
Monthly e-mail sent to NAEMSP® Members, usually the second week of the month.  We ask that ads be submitted by the first of each month in order to ensure inclusion in that month’s issue.

Fellowship Advertising
ACGME-accredited programs may advertise on NAEMSP's Fellowship Programs webpage for 60 days in an effort to target applicants for its program.

Your advertisement may be sent to all current NAEMSP members.
Note:  Vendor composes/designs content of advertisement; NAEMSP sends the email to its members.  Email addresses are not provided to vendors.

Bundled Advertising: Website/E-News
Special rate is available if you choose to advertise in multiple ways, on both the NAEMSP® website (two months) and E-News (one month).

Additional opportunities include:
  • NAEMSP® Annual Meeting
  • Exhibit Booths
  • Support Opportunities
  • Prehospital Emergency Care (PEC) - the official journal of NAEMSP®


The National Association of EMS Physicians® Editorial Board reserves the right to approve all advertising. A complimentary copy of the publication is sent to each advertiser.


  1. The order form shall indicate the number of ads to appear in any year and, if possible, should indicate the specific issues for placement.  Payment is due before a tear sheet or complimentary issue will be sent.
  2. Cancellation ofโ€‹ any one ad agreement will require a 30-day notification prior to the scheduled publication date.  The remainder of the multiple insertion agreement will remain in effect.  If two (2) ads of a three-time insertion order are canceled, the advertiser or agent will be invoiced for the full one-ime rate for the remaining ads and any subsequent cancellations will be invoiced for the remainder of the insertions at the full one-time rate.
  3. Advertisement is to be submitted in appropriate format.
  4. Payment is required up front.  Purchase orders will not be accepted; invoices will not be issued.


NAEMSP® Website or  E-News

Display Advertisements
Ads will be located on right side of the NAEMSP® website’s home page. The dimensions are approximately 300 pixels wide by 400 pixels high (at a minumum) and must be submitted as jpg, png or gif file.

1-2 Months
Set-up Fee: $450
Monthly Maintenance Fee: $60/month

3-6 Months
Set-up Fee: $450
Monthly Maintenance Fee: $50/month

Over 6 months
Set-up Fee: $450
Monthly Maintenance Fee: $40/month

Classified/Job Ads
Ads will be located on the Job Postings page under the Resources menu.  Content must be submitted in Word file; logo must be sent as .tif, eps or jpg file.*

1-2 Months
Set-up Fee: $175
Monthly Maintenance Fee: $60/month

3-6 Months
Set-up Fee: $175
Monthly Maintenance Fee: $50/month

Over 6 months
Set-up Fee: $175
Monthly Maintenance Fee: $40/month

*Company Logo Included
$50 (in additional to set-up fee)

To receive discounts for multiple months, advertising must be placed and paid up front and at one time.

Fellowship Programs 
ACGME-approved fellowships may advertise on the Fellowship page of the NAEMSP website for 60 days.
  • $25 flat rate
NAEMSP E-Blast  
Vendor composes/designs content of e-blast; NAEMSP sends the email to its members.  Email address are not provided to the vendor.
  • $1,000 flat rate
  • Graphic-heavy ads are requested as jpg file (600 x 600).
  • Word-heavy ads are requested in a Word-type format (may contain two graphics).
Bundle - Website/E-News 
NAEMSP® website for two months and  E-News for one month:
  • Classified/Job Ads - $350 flat rate;
  • Display Ads - $900 flat rate
Prehospital Emergency Care (PEC)โ€‹โ€‹
Prehospital Emergency Care (PEC) is NAEMSP®’s scientific journal.  For information on advertising in PEC, contact Cynthia Kucera at [email protected] โ€‹(201-767-4170).  Varying deadline dates and format requirements apply for PEC advertising.

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