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EMS Quality and Safety Course

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NAEMSP is committed to developing and nurturing the next generation of clinical quality and patient safety leaders in the EMS community.

NAEMSP’s Quality and Safety Committee offers an exciting year-long course that kicks off with the preconference workshops at NAEMSP's Annual Meeting in January.  The year-long course provides EMS physicians and quality improvement leaders with the knowledge and skills necessary to lead quality improvement and patient safety initiatives in their region, system, or agency.

Participants develop an in-depth understanding of how to apply tools and strategies of quality improvement to their systems to affect the care of patients.

The innovative program takes participants on a journey to improve the quality of care and safety in their system through a multi-staged approach:

  • Quality Improvement for EMS Leaders Preconference Workshop:  This preconference workshop and the preparatory study form the foundation of the course and introduces the participants to a practical application of key quality improvement and patient safety topics.
  • Monthly Moderated Online Sessions: These sessions are led by expert faculty and program participants who discuss key aspects of quality improvement. Articles and readings are assigned to facilitate discussion.
  • Capstone Project Development and Mentorship: Participants choose a project that applies quality improvement methods to a problem in their agency or system. Each participant is assigned a mentor from the course faculty to help guide their progress.
  • NAEMSP 2021: Participant Capstone Presentations - Participants present their work to colleagues and members of the NAEMSP community to share the impact of quality improvement in their agency/community.

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Course Participants

Course participants utilize an online learning platform, monthly webinars and coaching sessions to meet their goals. 


Course Directors:

Michael Redlener
Scott Bourn

Preconference Faculty and Course Mentors:

Stephanie Ashford
Brooke Burton
Catherine Counts
Remle Crow
David Ghilarducci
Joseph Grover
Nicola Little
Ian Medoro
Robert Rosenbaum
Niro Siriwardena
Michael Taigman
David Williams

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