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NEW THIS YEAR: Quality and Safety Fellows Workshop
Are you interested in stepping up the quality of your agency or EMS system?  This is the course for you! 
Designed for EMS medical directors and quality leaders who want to improve the clinical quality of their service and need the tools to be more effective, the course will apply the lessons of healthcare improvement to the challenges of EMS and out-of-hospital care.   During the course you will learn the tenets of improvement science and how to practically apply these lessons to your environment, be it a small agency, a larger EMS system or a state-wide effort. The two day course will guide participants through the basic structure of quality improvement, highlighting challenges and lessons learned regarding data, leading change, project management and more. 
This is a two day virtual course offered exclusively for EMS fellows and their fellowship program leadership. 

June 2-3, 2022
Two-day course fee: $300
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NAEMSP is committed to developing and nurturing the next generation of clinical quality and patient safety leaders in the EMS community.

NAEMSP®’s Quality and Safety Committee is pleased to offer an exciting year-long course that provides EMS physicians and quality improvement leaders with the knowledge and skills necessary to lead quality improvement and patient safety initiatives in their region, system, or agency. Participants will develop an in-depth understanding of how to apply tools and strategies of quality improvement to their local needs to affect the care of patients.

The innovative program takes participants on a journey to improve the quality of care and safety in their system through a multi-modal approach:

  • Monthly Moderated Online Sessions: These sessions will be led by expert faculty and program participants to discuss key aspects of quality improvement. Articles and readings will be assigned to facilitate discussion.
  • Capstone Project Development and Mentorship: Participants will choose a project that will implement quality improvement methods to a problem in their agency or system.  Each participant will be assigned a faculty member to help guide their progress.
  • NAEMSP 2023: Participant Capstone Presentations: Participants will present their work to colleagues and members of the NAEMSP community to share the impact of quality improvement in their agency/community.
Participants should expect to accomplish specific quality improvement goals:
  • Analyze current environment to identify quality/safety problems.
  • Develop measurement tools.
  • Create strategies for change of practice.
  • Implement a program of change.
Monthly topics include:
  • Patient safety initiatives
  • Setting a project aim
  • Developing measurement strategies
  • Understanding variation and tracking progress
  • Identifying changes that need to be made and why
  • Leading change
  • Plan, Do, Study, Act (PDSA)
  • Measurement for improvement

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The application window for the 2022 course is now closed. 

Course Participants

Course participants utilize an online learning platform, monthly webinars, and coaching sessions to meet their goals. 


Course Directors:

Michael Redlener, MD, FAEMS
Scott Bourn, PhD, RN, EMT-P

Faculty and Course Mentors:

Joseph Grover, MD
Stephanie Ashford, Paramedic
Brooke Burton, NRP, FACPE
Maia Dorsett, MD, PhD
Nicola Little, Paramedic
Ian Medoro, MD
Michael Taigman, Improvement Guide
Rick Allgood, NRP
Bryan Wilson, MD, FAAEM
William Leggio, EdD, NRP

Commitment and Expectation:

  • Register for and participate in the EMS Quality Improvement and Safety pre-conference workshop via NAEMSP® website (or complete other prerequisite – see application)
  • Attend and participate in monthly conference calls/synchronous learning sessions.
  • Complete capstone project and present at NAEMSP® 2023.
 2022 Quality Improvement and Safety Course
  • Two-day NAEMSP on-line or in-person Quality and Safety Course or other SIMILAR COURSE is required for admission to the Quality Improvement and Safety Year-Long Course.
  • We are looking for a diverse group of participants, physicians, and EMS professionals, who may have different levels of experience with quality improvement, but the infrastructure to succeed.
  • Teams are encouraged to apply together. Group discounts will be offered for two or more participants.  Please inquire with NAEMSP (contact [email protected]).
  • $800 registration fee for the year-long course
  • DEADLINE for application is February 14, 2022
  • First on-line session will be on March 23, 2022 (subsequent 4th Wednesdays of the month with the exception of major holiday weeks)

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