MDC References

Airway Supplemental Materials

 Benger JAMA Airways-2
 Anderson JAMA PART Airways 2 Editorial
 Wang JAMA Part
 Verification Tube Placement
 Minimum Experience Intubation

Data Lecture Supplemental Materials

 Data - State Laws and EMS Data.pdf

Dispatch Lecture Supplemental Materials

 EMD Research.pdf
 EMS Radios for EMS and Disaster Communications.pdf
 New Jersey 2012 EMS Guidecard .pdf
 NG9-1-1 2011 Report.pdf

NAEMSP Position Statements

Spinal Motion Restriction in the Trauma Patient - A Joint Position Statement
Guide to Field Termination of Traumatic Cardiac Arrest
Intraosseous Vascular Access in the Out-of-Hospital Setting
Drug Assisted Intubation
Systems of Specialty Care
Verification of Endotracheal Tube Placement Following Intubation


 Development of Systems of Care-Executive Summary
 Clinical Performance Measures for STEMI
 Emergency Department Bypass for STEMI with Prehospital EKG
 Systems of Care for STEMI Patients-AHA Report

Legal References

 Case 1 Appeals Court Opinion
 Case 1 Appeals Opinion
 Legal Issues in Medical Direction - Journal Health and Life Science Law
 Legal Opinion-EMS Patient Communications
 Westlaw-October 2017
 Westlaw-October 2017 Supporting Document
 Will saying Im sorry prevent a lawsuit

Other References

 California Core Measures Executive Summary - 2007 - Rosenbaum 
 PEC - Benchmarking Model in EMS - 2008 - Myers, et. al.
 PEC - Characteristics of Fatal Ambulance Crashes - 2001 - Kahn, Kuhn, Pirrallo 
 PEC - Chronic Stress and Associated Coping Strategies - Essex, Benz Scott
 EMS Medical Directors Handbook-FEMA

 Excited Delirium JEMS.pdf
 Excited Delirium Syndrome Protocol
 PEC - Detrimental Coping - 2011 -Holland
 Hospital Overcrowding-Eckstein
 How To Fix 911 -- TIME

 Medical Directors Contract-BEFORE
 Measuring Quality in EMS - A Review 
 Medical Director Job Description
 Medical Helicopter Bill A Tough Pill to Swallow
 Medical Incident Review Process Fairfax County FRD 2012 EMS Manual
 Minimum Experience for Intubation-Wang
 NCCEP Standards EMS Performance Improvement 2009
 NHTSA Guide to Medical Direction

 Oakland County Michigan PSRO Standards
 OCR HIPAA Privacy Rules
 OUDEM EMS System Design-July 2011
 Out of Hospital Intubation Where Are We-Wang
 Peer Review Protection Excerpt-National EMS Assessment
 PCR Audit Sample Form-Oct 2012
 Pearls for ED Airway Management
 Santa Clara QI Plan
 SEC Amb NHS Foundation Trust Cycle 8 CQI Report
 Strategy-for-a-National EMS Culture of Safety-October 2013
 Use of Warning Lights and Sirens
 Washington DC-OIG Summary Report
 PEC - Work-Related Stress-Donnelly

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