National Association of EMS Physicians


The NAEMSP Arkansas Chapter was approved by the NAEMSP Board of Directors, June 20, 2022.


President - Brandon Morshedi
Vice President/President-Elect - Lauren Bailey
Secretary/Treasurer - Mike Hillis

Charter Members

Brandon Morshedi
Lauren Bailey
Mike Hillis
Clint Evans
Manda Leftwich-Tharp
Jerrilyn Jones


Annual Report

Should you be interested in joining the NAEMSP Arkansas Chapter, please amend your profile in the Members Only area of this website. To be actively involved with the Chapter, please contact Brandon Morshedi.
Disclaimer:  The views and opinions expressed by individual NAEMSP Chapters are those of the authors and may not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of any other organization, employer, or company to include the NAEMSP Executive Office.

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