National Association of EMS Physicians

The NAEMSP Board of Directors approved the NAEMSP Georgia Chapter in August 2020.


President - Vijay Reddy, MD
Vice President - Elijah "Trey" Robinson III, MD
Secretary/Treasurer - Esther Hwang, DO, MPH
Immediate Past President - Michael Carr
Member-at-Large - Jill Mabley
Member-at-Large -​ Alexander Isakov
Member-at-Large -​ Bradley Golden

Annual Fee - $50

Chapter participation requires the payment of the state Chapter fees.
  • If you are joining NAEMSP and wish to join the Georgia Chapter:
    • ​via hard-copy - please check the box on the membership application and add the appropriate chapter fee to the appropriate NAEMSP membership fee, or​ 
    • via "Join Now" online - please select the Georgia Chapter so that your appropriate chapter fee will be added to your cart for you to pay online.
  • If you are renewing your NAEMSP membership:
    • via hard-copy renewal form - check the box on the membership renewal form and add the appropriate chapter fee to the appropriate NAEMSP membership fee, or
    • via online renewal - select the Georgia Chapter so that your the appropriate chapter fee will be added to your online renewal balance due.




January 14, 2021

Annual Reports

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