If you are joining or renewing your NAEMSP membership and wish to join the North Carolina Chapter, please add the chapter fee, if any (indicated on your NAEMSP renewal form), to the NAEMSP membership fee.
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Chapter Officers

President - Dr. Joseph Grover
President-Elect - Dr. Roberto Portela
Executive Director –  Joseph Zalkin
Immediate Past President – Jeff Williams
Secretary – Anjni Joiner

Board Members

Dr. Diane Miller
Dr. Darrell Nelson
Dr. Doug Swanson
Professional - Donald Garner, Jr.

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Annual Report

Should you be interested in joining the NAEMSP North Carolina Chapter, please amend your NAEMSP profile in the Members Only area of this website.  To be actively involved with the Chapter, please contact Joseph Zalkin, [email protected].
Disclaimer:  The views and opinions expressed by individual NAEMSP Chapters are those of the authors and may not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of any other organization, employer, or company to include the NAEMSP Executive Office.

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