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NAEMSP’s podcast, PEC Podcast, is where EMS Physicians engage with authors of the most up-to-date prehospital research.

Our podcast issues include:
  • Episode IV: Dr. Daniel Patterson, Dr. Kevin Munjal, and Deputy Director/Chief of Clinical Affairs Michael Bachman who were all highlighted at the NAEMSP 2015 Conference in New Orleans. 
  • Episode III:  ​Dr. John Holcomb's article, "Prehospital Transfusion of Plasma and Red Blood Cells in Trauma Patients "
  • Episode II: Dr. Brent Myers discusses an article the Wake County EMS System published titled, " Retrospective Validation of a Protocol to Limit Unneceessary Transport of Assisted-living Residents Who Fall."​ 
  • Episode I:  Blair Bigham,MSc, ACPf,  Dr. Susan Collins and Dr. Craig Newgard are interviewed about their respective articles in PEC.
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