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Emergency Medical Services - Clinical Practice and Systems Oversight - two-volume set
Edited by David Cone
Co-Edited by Jane H. Brice, Theodore R. Delbridge and J. Brent Myers
Novmber 2021 |ISBN: 978-1-119-75624-8

​​Emergency Medical Services: Clinical Practice and Systems Oversight is the official textbook of the National Association of EMS Physicians® (NAEMSP®) National EMS Medical Directors Course and Practicum™.

Now paired with a companion website featuring self-assessment exercises, audio and video clips of EMS best practices in action, and more, this essential study aid guides students through the core knowledge they need to successfully complete their training and begin their careers as EMS physicians.

Emergency Medical Services: Clinical Practice and Systems Oversight consists of:
  • Volume 1: Clinical Aspects of EMS
  • Volume 2: Medical Oversight of EMS
  • Companion website featuring supportive self-assessment exercises, audio and video clips
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Mass Gathering Me​dical Care Planning: The Medical Sector Checklist​

Mass Gathering Medical Care Authors: Arthur Yancey, MD, MPH, Jeffrey Luk, MD, Andrew Milsten, MD, Sarah Nafziger, MD

​Newly updated in 2017, this edition is an electronic only document available for download and is not available for printing.   This comprehensive guidance document addresses development of all elements of planning for emergency medical care at mass gathering events.​​

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​​Air Medical Dispatch:  Guid​elines for Trauma Scene Response Slide Program​​ 

Air Medical Dispatch CDIn some areas of the United States, air medical helicopter transport is routinely used for responding to trauma scenes, especially motor vehicle crashes.  In other areas, helicopters are used infrequently, if at all, for such responses.
The NAEMSP® Air Medical Services Committee felt that there was a need to bring the document “to life” in an effort to better integrate air medical services with ground emergency medical services and public safety officials. Local EMS squads, air medical services, and law enforcement agencies are clearly the important audiences for this educational program. 

Base Station Program on CD-ROM

Base Station CourseAuthors:  History of EMS:  Ed Dickinson, MD; Communications:  Jeff Grunow; Personnel and Training: Jack Grandey, NREMT and Ed Dickinson, MD; Medical‐Legal: Ed Carlson; Interacting with the EMT‐Basic: Ed Dickinson, MD
This  course is designed to be of use to all  physicians who provide online medical direction to prehospital providers. It is a modular course that can be used in its entirety as the basis for a formal base station course or on a section‐by‐section basis to augment other educational programs and learning. This course is formatted onto a CD‐ROM. Sections include:
  • The History of EMS.
  • Prehospital Providers (including levels of certification, training and skills).
  • Communications.
  • Base  Station  Physician  Interaction  with  EMT‐B’s  (in  keeping  with  the revised DOT EMT‐B curriculum).
  • Medical‐Legal (aspects of medical direction and base station operations).
  • Base Station Course

Tactical Emergency Medical Support Course

Tactical EMS CourseAuthors:  Alexander P.  Isakov, MD; Joseph Heck, DO; Cliff Neal, DO; Marc Gautreau, MD

This Tactical Emergency Medical Support (TEMS) course is an introduction to TEMS for law enforcement administrators. It is a modular, self‐directed course in PowerPoint that can be used  in its entirety as the basis for a formal TEMS course or  on a section‐by‐ section basis to augment other educational programs and learning. This course is formatted onto a CD‐ROM. Highlights of the sections include:
  • The History of TEMS
  • Goals of a TEMS program
  • Other Support Functions
  • Requirements for TEMS
  • What a TEMS program can do for you
System Requirements: Adobe Acrobat 5.0, MS Internet Explorer Web Browser (free downloadable versions of both included on the CD), and Microsoft PowerPoint 

Medical Response to Terrorism CD Medical Response to Terrorism

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