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Certification Review Courses (CRC)

NAEMSP/ACEP EMS Certification Review Course

The 2023 CRC took place August 21-23 at ACEP Headquarters in Dallas. The livestream recording is now available for purchase.
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Please note that we are no longer offering the 2021 CRC recording for sale - the content is now dated.  The live course above will be recorded and distributed on our online learning center platform in September.

EMS Board Certification Exam Review Guide

This review guide can be used as a companion to the two-volume NAEMSP textbook to aide those in preparing for the exam (delivered by ABEM in odd-number years).

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Next exam: October 16, 2023

A New Way to Recertify

ABEM is introducing a new way for EMS physicians to recertify — MyEMSCert.  

MyEMSCert activities were introduced in 2022.

Core elements of MyEMSCert include:  
Topic-specific modules that incorporate the "bread and butter" issues of EMS
Open-book modules that can be completed anywhere, anytime
Immediate feedback providing scores, correct answers, and rationales
Content that keeps you informed about key advances in EMS

MyEMSCert will replace the current requirements to take a point-in-time recertification examination and ongoing LLSAs. If your EMS certification expires in 2023 or 2025 you still have the option of taking the recertification exam or waiting for the MyEMSCert modules in 2022. If you have registered for the October 2021 EMS Cognitive Expertise Exam and wish to cancel, please contact ABEM.

In addition, starting in 2023, EMS physicians will move to a 5-year certification period after they recertify. No current certificate will be shortened, you only move to a five-year certificate after your current certification expires. As physicians move to a 5-year certification period, ABEM will move to an annual fee structure.

Additional program details will be available later this spring.

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Please note:  The courses are only available live as there is significant interaction among the participants during the course; materials aren't available for purchase. Should you be interested in the textbooks, please click here.

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