Earn A Prestigious Mark of Distinction

Become A Fellow of the Academy of Emergency Medical Services (FAEMS)

  • Application Deadline: August 15, 2024
  • Application Fee: $100

Criteria and Application

FAEMS honors NAEMSP® members who have made special contributions to the Association and the subspecialty of EMS Medicine. The Review Committee convenes after the annual application deadline to review applications. To be considered to be inducted at the 2024 annual meeting, please see the criteria below.

  1. Only the member-appropriate online applications will be accepted. Submission of incorrect form for member type will nullify application.
  2. CV’s are NOT accepted as supporting documentation.
Canadian physicians should utilize the Physician criteria and application for FAEMS designation.

Physician Members

Professional Members

International Members

Review & Notification

  • All materials are subject to review and approval by the NAEMSP® Membership Committee, with final approval from the NAEMSP® Board of Directors or its designee.

  • To be acknowledged and recognized during the current year, applications for fellow status must be received by August 15. 

  • Submission of the incorrect form for member type will nullify application.

  • Applications will be reviewed annually in the fall.

  • Applicants will be notified via email if their application has been approved or denied.  Reason for denial will be outlined.  Denied applicants are encouraged to reapply.

  • Approved fellows will then be authorized to use the credential “FAEMS” in conjunction with professional activities (see below – Requirements for Maintenance of Designation).

  • Fees, procedures for election, and reasons for termination of fellows shall be determined by the NAEMSP® Board of Directors.

FAEMS Recognition

  • Members will receive official notification of election or denial of their application by email.

  • Those whose application are received by August 15, and approved will be notified in late October.  You may begin using the designation FAEMS on the date of the notification.

  • All newly elected fellows will receive an official fellow certificate and lapel pin prior to NAEMSP®’s Scientific Assembly.

Requirements for Maintenance of Designation and Use of FAEMS

  • Continued membership in the Association, and

  • Continued contribution to the profession.

Fellows whose NAEMSP® membership expires immediately lose fellow status and the right to use the FAEMS designation and will be required to reapply for the designation upon membership reinstatement.


FAEMS was established in ​2016 to honor NAEMSP® members who have made special contributions to the Association and the subspecialty of EMS Medicine.  In 2017, professional members became eligible for this status.  In 2020, International members became eligible (see above for criteria).

This important designation, FAEMS™, speaks to contributions to NAEMSP® and highlights commitment to the advancement and refinement of EMS Medicine.​​

For questions regarding Fellow Status, contact us at INFO-NAEMSP@NAEMSP.org.

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