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Call for Papers: Special Issue on Enhancing Prehospital Care for Patients with Substance Use Disorder

Prehospital Emergency Care seeks articles describing projects that focus on patients with substance use disorder.

Special Issue Information:
Prehospital emergency care plays a crucial role in addressing the healthcare needs of patients with substance use disorder (SUD). From opioid overdose to alcohol-related emergencies, prehospital clinicians are often the first point of contact for individuals in crisis. Despite this, there remains a significant gap in understanding and effectively managing prehospital care for patients with SUD. Therefore, this special issue of Prehospital Emergency Care aims to explore innovative approaches, best practices, and evidence-based strategies for improving care and patient outcomes for patients with SUD.

Topics of Interest:
We invite submissions on a wide range of topics related to prehospital emergency care for patients with substance use disorder, including but not limited to:

  • Quality improvement projects to improve outcomes for patients with opioid use disorder (quality improvement projects should be reported according to the SQUIRE 2.0 guidelines)
  • Assessment and treatment of alcohol-related emergencies
  • Screening and brief intervention strategies for patients with SUD in the prehospital setting
  • Integration of harm reduction principles into prehospital care
  • Novel approaches to prehospital transport and triage for patients with SUD
  • Collaborative efforts between EMS clinicians, law enforcement, and community organizations to support patients with SUD
  • Training and education initiatives for prehospital clinicians on SUD-related emergencies
  • Technology-driven solutions for enhancing prehospital care delivery to patients with SUD

Submission Guidelines:
Authors are invited to submit original articles, reviews, and quality improvement papers addressing the theme of the special issue. All submissions will undergo rigorous peer review to ensure scientific integrity and relevance to the scope of Prehospital Emergency Care.
Manuscripts should be submitted through the journal’s online submission system, following the guidelines provided on the journal website. Please indicate that your submission is for consideration in the special issue on “Enhancing Prehospital Care for Patients with Substance Use Disorder.”

Submission Deadline:
For consideration in the Special Issue, submissions must be received by August 31, 2024.

Contact Information:
For inquiries regarding the special issue, please contact the special issue editor:
Dr. Remle Crowe

We look forward to receiving your contributions and advancing the understanding and practice of prehospital care for patients with substance use disorder.

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