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Sedgwick County EMS (Kansas) Associate EMS System Medical Director

The Wichita/Sedgwick County EMS System is seeking well-qualified EMS physicians who are interested in candidacy for the role of Associate EMS System Medical Director. 

The Wichita/Sedgwick County EMS System (W/SC EMSS) is a progressive physician-led system that has combined all the agencies that deliver EMS in the county under a single medical oversight process. This system approach requires that all agencies use a single set of protocols and participate in a system wide credentialing process that ensures all providers meet the same standards. This allows for impressive consistency in standard of care and creates a perfect environment for implementing state of the art care, research, and innovation.

The Professional Development (training/education) and Credentialing/Simulation (testing) programs report directly to the Associate EMS System Medical Director. The system has recently implemented high fidelity simulation, community paramedicine and critical care programs, and we have desire to further develop our tactical EMS, water rescue, USAR, and research programs with the help of the new Associate EMS System Medical Director. 

The Associate EMS System Medical Director is expected to practice in the field, and will be provided a take-home emergency response vehicle and all necessary equipment for a physician level EMS field practice: communications/navigation equipment, medications, surgical kits (surgical airway, thoracotomy, perimortem c-section, and field amputation), uniforms, personal protective equipment, etc.

The Associate EMS System Medical Director will have 0.66 FTE dedicated to EMS, with the remaining clinical emergency medicine time split between two local hospitals.  The combined compensation package will be $250-280K/year + benefits. This position offers competitive compensation along with adequate time dedicated to the practice of EMS medicine.
To apply:

For more information please call, text or email:
John M Gallagher, MD, FAEMS, FACEP
Director/Medical Director
Sedgwick County EMS
Mobile/text: 720-373-5351


Assistant Medical Director - DC Fire & EMS

This position is located in the D. C. Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department (DC Fire & EMS). DC Fire & EMS is an all-hazards agency providing state-of-the-art emergency medical patient care, treatment and transportation to people in the District of Columbia. This position serves as Assistant Medical Director. This position is established to assist the Medical Director in providing medical direction and oversight for the delivery of medical care, emergency medical training, and medical quality assurance programs of the Department.  To learn more about FEMS, please click here.

The incumbent works under the supervision of the Medical Director, who provides administrative direction with assignments in terms of broadly defined mission and functions. The incumbent determines the approaches and methods necessary to independently carry out the mission of the agency to meet program, service or function goals and requirements. Incumbent has authority for directing and evaluating the work of subordinates assigned to functions under his/her area of responsibility, especially related to EMS Quality Improvement, training, and education.  Results of the work are considered as technically authoritative and are normally accepted without significant change. If the work should be reviewed, the review concerns such matters as effectiveness and efficiency in meeting objectives to provide the highest level of emergency medical services to District of Columbia residents and visitors who are acutely ill or injured.
Guidelines include the D. C. Government and Department memorandums, special orders, general orders, and the District Personnel Manual; department budget, accounting, and contracting regulations and procedures, principles and theories of sound organizational management; and the ability to apply this knowledge to the resolution of management problems.   The incumbent exercise a high degree of judgment, decisiveness, and resourcefulness in interpreting and applying District regulations, and laws, as well as general principles of public safety management. 

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Participates with the Medical Director and Assistant Chief of EMS in the development of guidelines, policies, procedures, rules and regulations designed to monitor and optimize the overall quality of pre-hospital emergency medical care.
  • Provides EMS training and education programs at the Department's Training Academy and other sites.
  • Manages and supervises subordinate managers, supervisors and support staff.  Approves, recommends, modifies or rejects formal requests prepared by subordinate supervisors, i.e. promotions, reassignments, details, awards, performance evaluations, etc.
  • Researches and develops activities related to emergency medical protocols for the department, and ongoing maintenance and education related to those protocols .
  • Collaborates with the Medical Director, Assistant Chief of EMS, and other DCFEMS officials on all specifications, repairs, and maintenance activities relative to ambulance vehicles, medical equipment and supplies, and other support equipment.
  • Participates in the design and adoption of new methodology and technology related to emergency care.  Participates in the preparation of specifications for the purchase of new medical equipment, supplies, and medications.
  • Assists with design and implementation of management information systems that assist in operations, training, quality assurance and overall administration.  Performs needs analysis, software selection, hardware selection, system maintenance, and reporting of results.
  • Collaborates with the Medical Director, Fire Chief, and Assistant Chief of EMS on leadership and guidance related to response times and performance measures of the EMS system; and departmental activities in demand management and service enhancement, with programs such as StreetCalls.
  • Recommends and implements criteria for evaluation of field clinical operations, and establishes standards for medical performance and proper documentation of medical care administered by field providers.
  • Provides advice and recommendations of a continuous quality improvement program to ensure proficiency of clinical skills of department EMS members.
  • Collaborates with the Medical Director, Fire Chief, and Assistant Chief of EMS on activities related to optimizing relationships with District of Columbia hospitals and other health care providers.
  • Assists the Medical Director and Assistant Chief of EMS at the scene of major incidents and Multiple Casualty Incidents involving Fire and Emergency Medical Services as directed.
  • In the event of major emergency situations, participates at an appropriate level with the Medical Director, DCFEMS Chiefs, and other agencies (Emergency Management, Department of Health) on incident mitigation and safe operations.
  • Reviews serious medical quality issues under the oversight of the Medical Director, and recommends, approves, or forwards to a higher level.
  • As directed, participates with or represents the Medical Director at staff meetings, community meetings, and other civic functions. 
  • Attends regular staff meetings for the purpose of establishing policies and programs for current DCFEMS operations.
  • Develops medically-related scientific investigations and research projects that will presumably benefit the emergency medical care provided to the citizens of the District and others visiting and working in the city.  
  • Develops and conducts research related to EMS in order to add to the body of knowledge and improve patient care in the District of Columbia and internationally.
  • Serves as Acting Medical Director in the absence of the Medical Director in appropriate departmental activities.
  • Perform other related duties as assigned.
  • MUST have an allopathic or osteopathic medical degree (M.D., D.O.); shall be eligible to be licensed to practice medicine without restriction in the District of Columbia; and shall be an American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) board-certified physician in a  medical specialty that represents the broad patient base that the Department serves, such as emergency medicine,  family medicine, or internal medicine, and most preferably have completed Emergency Medicine Residency Training and Board­ Certification by the American Board of Emergency Medicine (ABEM).
  • MUST have a valid Medical License, and if not already held,  not already obtained, become licensed i in the District of Columbia, a Federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and a District of Columbia-specific DEA certificate. 
  • PREFERRED: Incumbent shall preferably possess experience in emergency medical services, such as successful completion of a recognized fellowship in emergency medical services.
  • Mastery and understanding of the environment, principles, ethics and special human relations in the field of medicine. 
  • Mastery of and ability to perform specified diagnostic and therapeutic practices and procedures. Ability to identify a medical problem and determine appropriate action.
  • Mastery in organizing and implementing a quality improvement program that will lead to national accreditation and ensure proficiency of clinical skills for the agency's EMS field providers.
  • Mastery of the agency's organizational philosophy and policies that direct all managers and supervisors.  Ability to maintain managerial control under extremely stressful conditions, and exercise a high degree of self-discipline. Demonstrated experience in providing leadership in a managerial /supervisory capacity and in a team-based environment.
  • Demonstrated ability to develop policies, procedures, rules and regulations designed to monitor the quality medical care performed by the agencies pre-hospital care providers.
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate orally and in writing with customers, clients and general public. Demonstrates creative thinking and flexibility to effectively manage multiple projects. Excellent interpersonal skills to build collaborative working relationships with a wide variety of individuals at all levels.
  • Incumbent must possess a valid driver’s license.
Special Note:
  • Note:  Incumbent of this position will be subject to enhanced suitability screening pursuant to Chapter 4 of DC Personnel Regulations, Suitability-Security Sensitive.
Please submit application here:



Associate Medical Director, Boston EMS and Attending Physician, Dept of Emergency Medicine, Boston Medical Center and Boston University School of Medicine

Boston Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM) are seeking to recruit a board-certified Emergency Medicine Physician for the position of Associate Medical Director, Boston EMS. Clinical time will be spent at Boston Medical Center (BMC), Department of Emergency Medicine with an academic appointment at BUSM.

The position requires the ability to collaborate and handle multiple responsibilities within a diverse and very busy urban EMS public safety arena. The ideal applicant will have desire to work in a pre-hospital setting with qualifications to provide medical control for Boston EMS, as well as interface with hospital and EMS partners. Important qualities include excellent interpersonal skills, ability to communication and collaborate with diverse teams. Additional responsibilities include off hours training, field clinical time, special events coverage and other duties as appropriate.

As a bureau of the Boston Public Health Commission, Boston EMS bridges the gap between public health and public safety and plays an important role in healthcare system preparedness. Maintaining one of the best cardiac survival rates in the country, Boston EMS has a national reputation for excellence. Boston EMS is a nationally recognized leader, educator and innovator in the field of pre-hospital emergency medicine and provides both BLS and ALS clinical care training.  In addition, EMS education includes simulation training, quality assurance work, administrative duties, field response and emergency response training.
BMC has an on-site an emergency cardiac catheterization lab, stroke center and a separate pediatric emergency medicine unit. BMC is a level one trauma center and the primary teaching affiliate for BUSM with an established Emergency Medicine residency program that includes 48 residents annually. Research efforts are supported by a dedicated research section in the Department of Emergency Medicine at BMC.

For further information, please contact:

Sophia Dyer, MD, FACEP, FAEMS
Medical Director, Boston EMS
Associate Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine

Boston University School of Medicine


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