MDC 2024

National EMS Medical Directors Course and Practicum 2024

Welcome to the 2024 Medical Director’s Course – we’re glad you’re here – click below for items and information pertaining to this year’s course. Bookmark this website URL as it will not be accessible from the NAEMSP main website.  This site will remain active for you until December, 2024.

Schedule & Handouts

Sessions scheduled by day with presentations available in handout format.

Faculty Bios

Prestigious faculty of the 2024 MDC Course – find out more about them!

Case Study Booklet

A hard copy will be provided onsite. Review before each session.

Class Roster

Discover your peers through this classmate listing.


Faculty evaluations: complete them online daily for comprehensive feedback.

Continuing Education

Details about CME and CAPCE available for your information.


Abundance of information tailored specifically for your needs awaits you!

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