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The Chapters Task Force was formed in 2021 to improve communication and best practices among NAEMSP's state chapters.

Committee Chair

Joseph Grover – Co-Chair
Chapel Hill, NC 
(240) 620-5947

Joseph Zalkin – Co- Chair
Raleigh, NC
(919) 827-1958



Chapters may email the NAEMSP office to:

  • Request their Chapter logo or customizable chapter letterhead
  • Request webpage changes; changes can usually be made within 24-36 hours.
  • Request Basecamp site (communication tool) for chapter members.  Once set up, Chapter representatives can invite participants to the site.  Basecamp allows for document storage and sharing, and communication among participants.
  • Request use of Zoom; set-up is usually within 24-36 hours.  Please provide:
    • date and time (including time zone)
    • Meeting (up to 300 participants or a webinar (up to 500 participants). 


Zoom Meetings are more interactive with the participants; Zoom Webinars are more of a presentation, where there is a limited number of panelists whose speaking capabilities are enabled and screenshare can be toggled among panelists (hosts). 

Both Zoom meetings and webinars can be recorded for playback and are stored in NAEMSP’s Zoom account.  Email NAEMSP following the meeting/webinar for the link.

Primary differences between the two are:

  • how participants enter the meeting/webinar – muted v microphone enabled, and video enabled v video off.
  • whether the Chat function is used or Q&A

Zoom Training Videos

Other Resources

  • Should you require periodic assistance for set-up of one of the following, please email the info mailbox.

    Note: EmailMeForm is a mechanism for information and documentation collection.  For example, if your chapter wishes to give away a scholarship, for example, to the NAEMSP Annual Meeting, or a chapter function, this resource might be the best collector for the job.  NAEMSP uses EmailMeForm for FAEMS and the NAEMSP/Stryker Fellowship application processes, and more.

Interested in Joining the Committee?

Please update your online profile to include this committee selection and contact our co-chairs, Joseph Grover and Joseph Zalkin, to become actively involved.

Not a Member?

Become a NAEMSP member today and take an active role in shaping our organization.

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