2019 Call for Award Nominations

The following awards will be presented at the 2019 NAEMSP Annual Meeting January 7-12, 2019 in Austin, Texas. Click here to review the criteria and submit a nomination.
  • Ronald D. Stewart Award – This annual award is presented to person who has made a lasting, major contribution to the national EMS community. 
  • Keith Neely Outstanding Contribution to EMS Award- This award is presented to an active or past member of NAEMSP who has provided significant leadership to the association and is named after the late Keith Neely, the first non-physician member to serve on the NAEMSP Board of Directors.
  • Friends of EMS Award - The Friends of EMS award is presented to an individual or organization that has been an advocate in furthering NAEMSP’s mission through influencing or implementing national public policy. 

2018 Award Winners

NAEMSP® recognized the following individual at our awards luncheon in San Diego in January 2018:

Ronald D. Stewart Award

Baxter Larmon, PhD 

Originally inspired by Dr. Ronald D. Stewart, Baxter Larmon’s work as an EMS educator and promoter of EMS research has made a lasting, major contribution to the advancement of EMS systems and EMS care. Early on, Dr. Larmon realized the importance of EMS providers embracing and engaging in EMS research.  As a result, he began working with other physicians to design and execute EMS studies and to lay the foundation for what would become the Prehospital Care Research Forum (PCRF). Dr. Larmon also co-founded the UCLA Center for Prehospital Care which has an international reputation as a leader in emergency medical services education, training and research.  Because of his work, countless leaders in EMS research, education and clinical paramedicine can trace their professional heritage, either directly or indirectly, back to Dr. Larmon.

Keith Neely Outstanding Contribution to EMS Award

Susan McHenry
(award accepted by Jon Krohmer)

For more than 20 years, Susan McHenry has made numerous contributions to EMS through her position at NHTSA.  She has been instrumental in setting the agenda on projects that have moved EMS forward in great leaps. As she enters retirement, this award is a tribute to her career.

Friends of EMS Award

Robert Wagoner
For more than 30 years Rob Wagoner has been serving behind the scenes for the National Registry of EMTs.  His job was to ensure the validity and the security of the certification exam for EMS professionals.  Rob has been the point person in most of the major projects the National Registry has undertaken including an instrumental role in REPLICA and welcoming state EMS officers and national EMS officials to the registry offices to help them learn how the National Registry serves a vital role in certification and maintenance of certification for thousands of EMS professionals in the United States.  His life accomplishments have literally touched every single EMS provider in our country, in some way or another, for three decades. 

Presidents Award

Michael Guttenburg, DO, FAEMS
Michael Guttenburg spent more than 30 years delivering emergency medical services in the City of New York as an EMT, paramedic field provider and physician. As an FDNY EMS fellow in 2001, Dr. Guttenberg “worked the pile” at Ground Zero in the weeks after 9/11.  This year he succumbed to pancreatic cancer attributed to “World Trade Center-related illness.”  Dr. Guttenberg served as medical director of Northwell Health’s clinical preparedness and Center for Emergency Medical Services (CEMS) to the end.  Dr. Guttenberg was a dedicated physician, a leader in the emergency medicine field and a mentor to many. He committed his life to the service of others, setting a high bar for performance, even in the most difficult of situations.  Michael passed away Oct. 17, 2017.
Salvatore Silvestri, MD
Salvatore Silvestri devoted his life’s work to EMS, education, mentorship, research and the advancement of prehospital care. Dr. Silvestri was a devoted educator in the EMS and Emergency Medicine Communities.  He held multiple academic appointments during his career and he was instrumental in seeing the need for dedicated, structured training in EMS for physicians.  He was instrumental in the development of the EMS Fellowship at Orlando Regional Medical Center/Orange County EMS and served as the academic program director. Sal was passionate about the advancement of the EMS sub-specialty and believed that prehospital research was an essential component of that advancement.  One of his greatest legacies was the work he did to mentor and develop Emergency Medicine and EMS Physicians through his work with the Emergency Medicine Residency Program at Orlando Health and the joint Orlando Health/Orange County EMS System EMS Fellowship.  He has been instrumental in the success of both programs. Sal passed away Feb. 26, 2017.

2018 Abstract Winners

Best Scientific Poster
“Do Age Appropriate Vital Sign Cut Points Improve the Predictive Ability of the Physiologic Criteria of the Field Triage Decision Scheme for Identifying Children Who Need the Resources of a Trauma Center”
 E. Brooke Lerner, Jeremy Cushman, Mohamed Badawy, Amy Drendel, Courtney Jones, Manish Shah, David
Gourlay, Medical College of Wisconsin

Best Student/Resident/Fellow Research Presentation
“Training in Prehospital Death Notifications Linked to Improved Provider Comfort and Preparation” 
Abraham Campos, Rebecca Cash, Remle Crowe, Madison Rivard, Brian Clemency, Robert Swor, Ashish
Panchal, Eric Ernest, Department of Emergency Medicine, University of Nebraska Medical Center
Best EMS Professional Research Presentation
“Are EMS Provider Characteristics Associated with Appropriate Responses during Violent Encounters?”
 Donald Garner, Mallory DeLuca, Remle Crowe, Rebecca Cash, Madison Rivard, Jefferson Williams, Ashish
Panchal, Jose Cabanas, Wake County EMS
Best Poster Abstract Presentation
“Benchmarking EMS Compass Performance Measures Using a Large National Dataset: Pediatric Care” 
Jeffrey Jarvis, Dustin Barton, Lauren Sager, Nick Nudell, Williamson County EMS 
Best Cardiac Arrest Presentation 
“Timing of Advanced Airway Placement after Out-Of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest: Earlier Is Better”
 Justin Benoit, Jason McMullan, Henry Wang, Changchun Xie, Peixin Xu, Kimberly Hart, Christopher Lindsell, University of Cincinnati
Best Disaster Presentation 
Sponsored by National Disaster Life Support Foundation 

“Intraosseous Access Use in Chemical, Biological, Radiation, and Nuclear Personal Protective Equipment”
 Tim Collins, Clinical & Medical Affairs, Teleflex Medical
Best Pediatric Presentation 
 “Analysis of Dosing Errors Made by Paramedics During Simulated Pediatric Patient Scenarios after Implementation of State-Wide Pediatric Drug Dosing Reference”
John Hoyle, Glenn Ekblad, Tracy Hover, Bill Fales, Richard Lammers, Dena Smith, Western Michigan

History of Award Winners

President's Award Winners 
Michael Guttenburg (posthumously) -- 2018
Salvatore Silvestri (posthumously) -- 2018
Hawnwan Phil Moy -- 2017
J. Joelle Donofrio -- 2017
John Lyng -- 2017
Brian Clemency -- 2017
Jose Cabanas --2016
Darren Walter -- 2016
Julie Houle -- 2016
Ronald D. Stewart Award Winners 
Baxter Larmon -- 2018
Robert A. Swor -- 2017
Drew Dawson -- 2016
Justin Maloney -- 2016
Robert O'Connor, MD -- 2015
Norman M. Dinerman, MD -- 2014
Jeff Clawson, MD -- 2013
William Brown, RN, NREMT-P -- 2012
Debra Perina, MD -- 2011
Daniel Spaite, MD -- 2010
William W. Jermyn, DO -- 2009
Roger White, MD -- 2008
Edward J. Cain, MD -- 2007
Mickey Eisenberg, MD -- 2006
Dan Storer -- 2005
James O. Page, JD -- 2004
Jon Krohmer, MD -- 2003
Michael Copass, MD -- 2002
Leonard Cobb -- 2002
Norm McSwain, MD-- 2001
John Campbell, MD -- 2001
Bob Bailey -- 2000
Eugene Nagel, MD -- 1998
Ricardo Martinez, MD -- 1997
Nicholas Benson, MD -- 1996
John Chew -- 1995
National Association of State EMS Directors -- 1994
Paul Paris, MD -- 1993
Stan Zydlow, MD -- 1992
National EMS Medical Directors Course Faculty -- 1991
Paul Pepe, MD -- 1990
Marvin Birnbaum, MD -- 1989
Senator Alan Cranston -- 1988
Leonard A. Cobb, MD -- 1987
Keith Neely Outstanding Contribution to EMS Award Winners
Susan McHenry -- 2018
Thomas Judge, MS, EMT-P -- 2017 
 Alex Isakov, MD -- 2016
Marcus Ong, MD, MPH and Sang Do Shin, MD -- 2015
Michael Levy, MD -- 2014
E. Brooke Lerner, PhD -- 2013
James Menegazzi, PhD -- 2012
Brian Schwartz, MD -- 2011
Robert E. O’Connor, MD, MPH -- 2009
Beth Adams, MA, RN, NREMT-P -- 2008
Julette Saussy, MD -- 2007
David Persse, MD-- 2007
Lawrence Brown, EMT-P -- 2006
Raymond Fowler, MD -- 2005
Richard Hunt, MD -- 2004
Robert A. Swor, DO -- 2002

Keith Neely -- 2001 -- this award was originally called the NAEMSP Outstanding Contribution Award -- the name changed in 2002 honoring Keith after his death.
Friends of EMS Award Winners
Robert Wagoner -- 2018
Honorable Richard Hudson, US House of Representatives (NC) -- 2017
Honorable Bill Cassidy, US Senate (LA) -- 2017 
NAEMT -- 2016
Bryan McNally, CARES -- 2015
Physio-Control -- 2014
Kevin McGinnis, NASEMSO -- 2013
Richard Hunt, MD -Centers for Disease Control -- 2012
Gary Freeman - ZOLL -- 2011
William Ball - GM OnStar -- 2010
Susan McHenry, MS – NHTSA -- 2009
Dan Kavanaugh, MSW - EMSC -- 2008
Richard H. Carmona, MD -- 2007
The Laerdal Family -- 2005
Jeff Runge -- 2004
Drew Dawson - NHTSA -- 2003
Jeff Michael, PhD - NHTSA -- 2002
U.S. Senator Richard Shelby -- 2001

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