NAEMSP Statement on Prioritizing EMS Professionals’ Access to COVID-19 Vaccine

December 15, 2020

NAEMSP strongly encourages state and local governments creating COVID-19 vaccination plans to follow the Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines which recommend that eligible EMS individuals be included in the highest priority group for COVID-19 vaccination. EMS professionals have been working tirelessly on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic, risking their lives to be the first line of defense for infected patients across the country—many of whom may not show symptoms or know they are infected. NAEMSP knows state governments across the country appreciate the importance of this work. Following this recommendation can help protect not only the EMS professionals, but also patients across the country who rely on them to provide critical out-of-hospital care. NAEMSP strongly encourages all eligible individuals, and particularly our partners in the public safety and emergency medical arena, to obtain all recommended doses of available vaccines at the earliest opportunity afforded to them in order to protect themselves, their patients, their families, and the nation. NAEMSP also recommends vigilance and maintaining proper safety precautions after vaccination.

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