Ep. 130: Deep Dive THOR AAB

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The next frontier in Prehospital medicine is prehospital blood use.  The AABB (formerly the American Association of Blood Banks) is an international authority on transfusion medicine and tissue banking. The Trauma, Hemostasis and Oxygenation Research (THOR) Network is an international multidisciplinary network of civilian and military providers.  Together AABB-THOR has been working to achieve the dream of utilizing prehospital blood.  In our June Deep Dive, we discuss the manuscript: 

THOR-AABB Working Party Recommendations for a Prehospital Blood Product Transfusion Program 

with guest authors

Christopher Winckler MD


Mark Yazer MD

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As always THANK YOU for listening.

Hawnwan Philip Moy MD (@pecpodcast)

Scott Goldberg MD, MPH (@EMS_Boston)

Jeremiah Escajeda MD, MPH (@jerescajeda)

Joelle Donofrio-Odmann DO (@PEMems)

Maia Dorsett MD PhD (@maiadorsett)

Lekshmi Kumar MD (@Gradymed1)

Greg Muller DO (@DrMuller_DO)

Works Discussed

Newberry, R., Winckler, C. J., Luellwitz, R., Greebon, L., Xenakis, E., Bullock, W., … & Mapp, J. (2020). Prehospital transfusion of low-titer O+ whole blood for severe maternal hemorrhage: a case report. Prehospital Emergency Care24(4), 566-575.


THOR (Trauma Hemostasis and Oxygenation Research Network Website:


Zhu, C. S., Pokorny, D. M., Eastridge, B. J., Nicholson, S. E., Epley, E., Forcum, J., … & Jenkins, D. H. (2019). Give the trauma patient what they bleed, when and where they need it: establishing a comprehensive regional system of resuscitation based on patient need utilizing cold‐stored, low‐titer O+ whole blood. Transfusion59(S2), 1429-1438.



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