Prehospital Emergency Care Podcast Ep. 113

Ouch-less Pediatrics

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Happy EMS Week: Pediatrics Day!

The PEC Podcast team would like to highlight NAEMSP’s newest podcast to our family 

The Pediatric EMS Podcast

In their first episode, hosts Dr. Joseph Finney and Dr. Joelle Donofrio Odmann talk about

Safely and effectively managing pain in our pediatric patients. Medical directors and prehospital clinicians must be able to identify gaps in pediatric pain management and provide the necessary QA/QI to close those gaps. In this episode, we focus on exactly that, with several experts in EMS joining us to offer their knowledge and critical appraisal of the evidence in order to identify and close the gaps in the management of pain in children.

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Hawnwan Philip Moy MD (@pecpodcast)

Scott Goldberg MD, MPH (@EMS_Boston)

Jeremiah Escajeda MD, MPH (@jerescajeda)

Joelle Donofrio-Odmann DO (@PEMems)

Maia Dorsett MD PhD (@maiadorsett)

Lekshmi Kumar MD, MPH (@gradyMED1)


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