Quality and Safety

We promote quality improvement and patient safety in EMS through education and advocacy.

Committee Chair

Bryan Wilson, MD, FAEMS
Bethlehem, PA
(908) 414-2353


NAEMSP is pleased to be represented in multiple important quality and safety national organizations:

National EMS Safety Council 

National EMS Quality Alliance 

Quality & Safety Course

As part of its mission, the Quality and Safety Committee offers the following educational opportunities course with the goal of providing the knowledge and skills necessary to lead quality improvement and patient safety initiatives in their region, system or agency with individual faculty mentorship.

Preconference Workshop

The two-day preconference workshop offered in January at the annual meeting is course is designed for EMS medical directors and quality leaders who want to improve the clinical quality of their service and need the tools to be more effective.

During the course, participants learn the tenets of improvement science and how to practically apply these lessons to your environment, be it a small agency, a larger EMS system or a state-wide effort. 

The preconference workshop takes place over two days, guiding participants through the basic structure of quality improvement and highlighting challenges and lessons learned regarding data, leading change, project management and more.

Year-Long Course

The Quality and Safety Committee offers an exciting year-long course that provides EMS physicians and quality improvement leaders with the knowledge and skills necessary to lead quality improvement and patient safety initiatives in their region, system or agency.  The innovative program takes participants on a journey to improve the quality of care and safety in their systems through a multi-staged approach.  The course includes the following components:

  • Monthly Moderated Online Sessions: These sessions are lead by expert faculty and program participants to discuss key aspects of quality improvement. 
  • Capstone Project Development and Mentorship: Participants choose a project that will implement quality improvement methods to a problem in their agency or system. Each participant is assigned a faculty member to help guide their progress. 
  • Participant Capstone Presentations: Participants present their work to colleagues and members of the NAEMSP community to share the impact of quality improvement in their agency/community.

Capstone Projects

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