NAEMSP member Brooke Lerner, PhD, FAEMS was recently diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer. As Dr. Lerner's family, friends, and the EMS community gathered to support her, she expressed the desire to promote the growth of EMS by establishing a research fund for early career researchers. NAEMSP, in partnership with the GMR Foundation for Research and Education, has created the E. Brooke Lerner Research Fund to realize Dr. Lerner's vision and honor her commitment to EMS research and researchers.

This research fund, available to any member of NAEMSP in good standing, will support new ideas and out-of-the-box thinking for the purpose of improving prehospital care. The fund will support one pilot research study this year, and NAEMSP expects to continue to develop the program so that at least one project can be funded consistently each year or every other year if two years of funding are requested and justified. Prioritized projects will be those that have the potential to develop into a larger federally funded study.

Please consider contributing to this fund to continue our collective mission of advancing the field of prehospital care. Brooke, we thank you for all you have done throughout your incredibly productive and transformative career in EMS.

Video courtesy of the University of Buffalo

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