All Things EMS Fellowship Panel

July 14, 2023

Presented by the NAEMSP Women in EMS Committee and the NAEMSP Council of EMS Fellowship Directors

NAEMSP is here to help you navigate the EMS fellowship process—from applications to making your rank list. Attendees brought their questions for our panel of fellowship directors and current fellows, who talked about what makes a good EMS fellow, how to get the most out of a fellowship, how to job hunt afterwards, and anything else you may want to know about an EMS fellowship.


Fellowship Program Directors

  • Craig Cooley, UTHSC-San Antonio 
  • Ingrid Bloom, Emory
  • Johanna Innes, University at Buffalo 
  • Kathy Rinnert, UTSW
  • Kevin Schulz, UTH
  • Mary Mercer, UCSF
  • Navin Ariyaprakai, Rutgers
  • Bridgette Svancarek, WUSTL

Recent and Current Fellows

  • Bob Hoke, Emory
  • Haley Taormina, Regions St. Paul
  • Kennen Less, Emory
  • Marta Plonka, University at Buffalo 
  • Nushin Nataneli, University at Buffalo 
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