COVID-19 Town Hall: Chapter Insights Surrounding COVID-19

April 30, 2020

Access Password: 2l#0Do82

Key take-aways

  • Crisis Standards of Care should be crafted before a crisis occurs.
  • State chapters should be a resource to government officials when it comes to addressing clinical aspects of public policy.
  • Including non-NAEMSP members in chapter-sponsored advocacy activities and educational efforts can demonstrate value to stakeholders and provide an avenue to recruit new members.
  • The COVID crisis has revealed the utility of telehealth in medical control applications in addition to mobile integrated healthcare.


AEMSP President David K. Tan, MD, EMT-T, FAAEM, FAEMS


  • Josef Schenker, MD, FAEMS: NAEMSP New York Chapter President
  • Joslyn Joseph, DO, EMT: NAEMSP New Jersey Chapter President
  • Jeff Williams, MD, FAEMS: NAEMSP North Carolina Chapter President
  • Joseph Zalkin: NAEMSP North Carolina Chapter Executive Director
  • Jeff Jarvis, MD, EMT-P, FAEMS: NAEMSP Texas Chapter President
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