Webinars & Town Halls

All Things EMS Fellowship Panel

NAEMSP is here to help you navigate the EMS fellowship process—from applications to making your rank list. Attendees brought their questions for our panel of fellowship directors and current fellows, who talked about what makes a good EMS fellow, how to get the most out of a fellowship, how to job hunt afterwards, and anything else you may want to know about an EMS fellowship.

NAEMSP/Prodigy Town Hall: The Essential Role of EMS in Addiction Medicine

Every day, EMS encounters patients in crisis from opioid use disorder.  Communities rely upon EMS to be the safety net and also the bridge and connection for patients to receive appropriate care. In this webinar, Jose Cabanas, MD, MPH, FAEMS and Melody Glenn, MD, MFA, FASAM discuss the crucial roles of EMS in addiction medicine.  EMS is moving itself into a new area of influence where we collaborate with community resources as the frontline providers.  We have the opportunity to save lives and do a tremendous amount of good with patients who use drugs.

Cultivating A Culturally Competent Culture: Building Diverse and Inclusive EMS Agencies

From 911 dispatch to hospital handoff, EMTs and paramedics are tasked with receiving a myriad of medical complaints and translating them into a diagnosis that impacts acute care, disposition, and hospital provider first impressions. As communities across the US grow and diversify, prehospital providers must learn to work most effectively across cultures in a manner that values the unique health disparities of a population and its direct impact on patient needs, healthcare compliance, and provider trust.

Building the Foundation to Discuss Race & Health Disparities in EMS

Our first in a series of discussions on diversity, equity and inclusion in EMS, this webinar featured our esteemed panelists, Sylvia Owusu-Ansah, MD, MPH, chair of NAEMSP’s Diversity in EMS Task Force, and Rickquel Tripp, MD, MPH, vice chair of NAEMSP’s Diversity in EMS Task Force, with NAEMSP President Dr. Michael Levy as moderator.

COVID-19 Town Hall: The Effect of Hospital Overcrowding on EMS

Many US EMS systems are experiencing unprecedented challenges in providing ambulance availability. Some of this appears directly related to the lingering effects of the pandemic on staffing and, more recently, overwhelmed hospital systems have no place to put our patients leading to extended “wall times” for our crews. NAEMSP is convening a series a Town Halls to bring together a geographically diverse group of EMS leaders to discuss the current state of affairs and approaches they have taken to deal with the crisis. Join us in this timely discussion, bring questions and solutions as you visit with this seasoned group of colleagues.

EMS Physician Virtual Town Hall: COVID Vaccines – Your Questions Answered!

EMS practitioners have been serving as the “tip of the spear” in responding to and managing the COVID-19 pandemic. Paramedics and EMTs across the country have contracted COVID-19, and too many have succumbed to the virus. The launch of the vaccination program has included a great deal of information about the vaccines, not all of which has been accurate. Confusing or misleading information about COVID-19 vaccinations may cause some EMS practitioners to choose not to receive the vaccine.

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