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A Message from the NAEMSP President

October 2, 2023

NAEMSP responds to the recently published Urban Chiefs Forum and NFPA document regarding the elevation of head and torso during CPR. 

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Applications Open: NAEMSP/Stryker Award

Applications are open now for the 2024 EMS Medicine Early Career Medical Director Award from NAEMSP & Stryker. This new award is meant to foster the early career development of an EMS physician who demonstrates aptitude, talent and potential. The 24-month, $60,000 award will provide support for a supervised career development experience in Emergency Medical Services to support the transition from EMS fellow to independent EMS physician at an academic institution and/or health system with involvement in a ground or air medical EMS system.

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Claim Your Coffee Chat with E. Brooke Lerner: <smalll>Be One of the First 20 People to Donate $250 or More</small>

The E Brooke Lerner Research Fund has set a goal of raising $125,000 before we make our first award in January of 2024. The good news is we are more than half way there! To help meet our goal, Dr. Lerner has offered to have coffee with the next 20 people who donate $250 or more. 

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Now Free With CME Via Prodigy: LGBTQ: Patients, Personnel, and Colleagues

Health care is one of the primary vehicles for ‎non-medical professionals to codify discriminatory practices aimed at LGBTQ communities.‎ In light of the recent wave of discriminatory legislation aimed at LGBTQ communities — and ‎particularly transgender people — we have worked with our partner Prodigy to make Dr. Timothy ‎Hong's NAEMSP 2023 Annual Meeting session, “LGBTQ: Patients, Personnel, and ‎Colleagues,” available for free with CME. 

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COVID-19 Patient Education Resources

Educating patients on their risk factors, treatment options, and the timing of when they need to start treatment can help keep them out of the hospital. Use these handouts, posters, talking points, and social media messages to help educate your patients about:

  • Who is at increased risk for severe illness from COVID
  • The availability of COVID treatments
  • The importance of getting treated early

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The Future of Healthcare Policy After the COVID 19 Public Health Emergency: What Does it Mean for Emergency Medical Services?

Despite the disruptive impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the healthcare system, the EMS industry has continued to push forward with new approaches to service delivery. In our recent NAEMSP/AAA Town Hall, panelists discussed the current healthcare landscape, including what innovative programs may be here to stay and what it means for EMS Systems.

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Essential Principles to Create an Equitable, Inclusive, and Diverse EMS Workforce and Work Environment

We, as EMS, must strive for optimal outcomes for our patients. The inequities that currently exist across the healthcare spectrum, including in EMS, are associated with preventable morbidity and mortality. In an effort to combat these outcomes, we have released a new position statement and resource document about creating a more equitable and inclusive EMS workforce, and in turn improving patient outcomes. 

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NAEMSP Recognizes Outstanding Contributions to EMS at 2023 Annual Meeting

The work of EMS is as important as ever, and the work our community does to advance the subspecialty is vital to EMS continually providing the best possible care for its patients. At its 2023 Annual Meeting in Tampa, FL, The National Association of EMS Physicians® (NAEMSP®) honored some outstanding EMS colleagues with grants, scholarships and awards.

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Contribute to the E. Brooke Lerner Research Fund

NAEMSP member Brooke Lerner, PhD, FAEMS was recently diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer. As Dr. Lerner's family, friends, and the EMS community gathered to support her, she expressed the desire to promote the growth of EMS by establishing a research fund for early career researchers. NAEMSP has created the E. Brooke Lerner Research Fund to realize Dr. Lerner's vision and honor her commitment to EMS research and researchers.

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Remembering Dr. Leonard Cobb

Today we mourn EMS pioneer Dr. Leonard Cobb, who won the Ronald D. Stewart Award for his contributions to EMS. In the words of NAEMSP Immediate Past President Mike Levy, "So much of my EMS system’s opportunity to improve survival from out of hospital cardiac arrest is directly attributable to what he achieved and made available to the world through the use of the scientific method...The world owes Dr. Cobb a debt of gratitude."

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PEC Journal Now Fully Online

Prehospital Emergency Care, the official journal of NAEMSP, is now a fully online publication. The latest issue (1/3/2023) is currently available. For more information on accessing PEC, please visit our Prehospital Emergency Care webpage.

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Remembering Eugene Nagel

Our colleague Dr. Eugene Nagel recently passed away at the age of 98. Dr. Nagel was a pioneer of emergency medical services, dedicating much of his life to work that radically transformed the subspecialty. His impact is felt in every facet of modern EMS, and his loss is an immense one for our community. Eugene, thank you for all you did to serve your patients, field, and community. You will be greatly missed by your friends at NAEMSP.

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Register Now for the NAEMSP 2023 Annual Meeting

It's not too late to register for NAEMSP 2023 in Tampa, Florida! Join us January 23-25 for preconference workshops and January 26-28 for regular sessions. Browse the schedule and register now!

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NAEMSP Public Comment: NREMT Resolution on Updated Eligibility Criteria for Initial EMS Education

Comprehensive certification processes and active EMS physician oversight are essential to high-quality EMS care. NAEMSP opposes NREMT's Resolution on Updated Eligibility Criteria for Initial EMS Education as written.

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New from NAEMSP: The Pediatric EMS Podcast

The Pediatric EMS Podcast provides case-based discussion with evidence-based recommendations by content experts in prehospital pediatric medicine to advance the care of children outside the hospital. In their first episode, hosts Dr. Joseph Finney and Dr. Joelle Donofrio-Odmann talk about safely and effectively managing pain in our pediatric patients.

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Supporting the EMS Response in Ukraine

EMS professionals respond to emergencies wherever they occur—including conflict and disaster zones. In support of our members and colleagues working around the clock to provide emergency medical care in Ukraine and the surrounding countries, NAEMSP encourages monetary donations to well-established international organizations such as: 

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Joint Statement on Lights & Siren Vehicle Operations on EMS Responses

February 14, 2022

NAEMSP has had a position statement on the use of lights & siren (L&S) in EMS since 1994, but crashes related to L&S use continue to harm EMS practitioners, our patients, and the public.

The evidence and best practices for EMS use of L&S have progressed since then, and now NAEMSP has joined a broad consortium of 13 other organizations with interests in EMS, quality, and safety to update our previous position statement into a Joint Statement on L&S Vehicle Operations on EMS Responses.

This position statement reviews the principles of L&S use on EMS responses and the responsibilities of EMS medical directors, EMS agency managers, EMS vehicle operators, emergency medical dispatch, and local/state governments."

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Introducing the NAEMSP/PEC Airway Compendium

The January issue of Prehospital Emergency Care includes a publicly available compendium of position statements and resource documents on prehospital airway management.

Access the airway compendium now and get the who, what, why and how in our PEC Podcast series.

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NAEMSP Joins Statement Supporting Vaccine Mandates for EMS Clinicians and Other EMS Providers

Emergency medicine is more than just a ride to the hospital, it is a system of coordinated response and emergency medical care, involving multiple people and agencies. With the current surge in COVID-19 and the highly contagious Delta variant causing a national emergency medical crisis, six of the country’s top associations in the space of emergency medicine services join in the following statement regarding COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

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NAEMSP Statement on Prioritizing EMS Professionals’ Access to COVID-19 Vaccine

NAEMSP strongly encourages state and local governments creating COVID-19 vaccination plans to follow the Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines which recommend that eligible EMS individuals be included in the highest priority group for COVID-19 vaccination. 

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Register Now for the NAEMSP 2023 Annual Meeting

Browse the schedule and register now for NAEMSP 2023 in Tampa, Florida! Join us January 23-25 for preconference workshops—including a free one-day Resuscitation Academy for advanced providers—and January 26-28 for regular sessions.

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AHA Town Hall: A Conversation about Shared Challenges in Rural and Global Resuscitation

Monday, February  27, 11:30 a.m.–1 p.m. U.S. Central Time

Join the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion volunteer taskforce of the AHA's Science Subcommittee for a webinar focusing on rural and global health, including prehospital bystander engagement and care in rural settings, post-cardiac arrest care in rural/remote areas, and global resuscitation challenges. The webinar will feature expert speakers including NAEMSP Immediate Past President Dr. Michael Levy.

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Remembering Susan McHenry

Our friend and colleague Susan McHenry recently passed away with her family and friends by her side. As part of NHTSA, Susan was a longtime NAEMSP partner and the recipient of NAEMSP's Keith Neely Outstanding Contribution to NAEMSP Award in 2018. She will be remembered not only for the outsize impact she made in the EMS field, but also for the warmth and kindness that drove her to serve her community and field. Susan, thank you for all you've done - we will miss you greatly.

NAEMSP Supports Urgent Action to End the Patient Boarding Crisis

The patient boarding crisis means EMS crews often have extended waits to hand off patients in saturated EDs in order to return to service for their next call. Our system is failing. Read more in this joint letter to the White House from ACEP, NAEMSP and 30+ other medical specialty organizations.

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Spinal Motion Restriction in the Trauma Patient – A Joint Position Statement

The American College of Surgeons Committee on Trauma (ACS-COT), American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP), and the National Association of EMS Physicians (NAEMSP) have previously offered varied guidance on the role of backboards and spinal immobilization in out-of-hospital situations. This updated consensus statement on spinal motion restriction in the trauma patient represents the collective positions of the ACS-COT, ACEP and NAEMSP. Read more.

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