Communications and Dispatch

Guidelines for Air Medical Dispatch

POSITION STATEMENT:  Thomson DP, Thomas SH, NAEMSP. Guidelines for Air Medical Dispatch. Prehospital Emergency Care 2003;7(2):265-271.

Current Version Release Date: December 1992

Previous Version(s):
1994 – Carrubba CC, Hunt RC, Benson NH. Criteria for Prehospital Air Medical Transport: Non-Trauma and Pediatric Considerations. Prehospital & Disaster Medicine1994;9(2):140-141

1992 - Air Medical Dispatch: Guidelines for Trauma Scene Response. Prehospital & Disaster Medicine 1992;7(1):75-78.


Emergency Medical Dispatch

POSITION STATEMENT:  Emergency Medical Dispatch. Prehospital Emergency Care2008;12(2):217.

Current Version Release Date: November 2007

Previous Version(s):
1989 - Emergency Medical Dispatch. Prehospital & Disaster Medicine 1989;4(2):163–166.

RESOURCE DOCUMENT:  Yancey A, Clawson J. EMD Position Paper Resource Document.Annals of Emergency Dispatch & Response 2014;2(2):33-40.

Current Version Release Date: September 2014

Previous Version(s): none

EMS Base Station Function and Design

{REPEALED – May 2002} POSITION STATEMENT:  EMS Base Station Function and Design: On-line Medical Control. Prehospital & Disaster Medicine 1989;4(1):53-56.

Current Version Release Date: January 1989

Previous Version(s): none


Transfer of Patient Care between EMS Providers and Receiving Facilities

POSITION STATEMENT:  Transfer of Patient Care Between EMS Providers and Receiving Facilities. Prehospital Emergency Care 2014;18(2):305.

Joint Position Statement of the ACEP3, ENA7, NAEMSP9, NAEMT10, NASEMSO11

Current Version Release Date: August 2013

Previous Version(s): none


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